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Garden Art

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Garden Gate

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The Fence Quilts

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The gazebo, covered with Carolina jasmine and surrounded by daylilies, offers a shady place to rest in summer.

Gazebo Garden

...a nice view of Silk Road, Sprakling Orange, Polkville Princess, and Spider Man


The stamped concrete patio and arbor are one of the focal points of the garden. Carolina jasmine climbs over the arbor. The planters contain a couple of trees, and herbs such as thyme, rosemary, sage and yarrow. Since this picture was taken, I have added some small and miniature daylilies to the patio.

Fence Border

This garden was built in the fall of 2012. It combines daylilies and other perennials such as coneflowers.

Sherwood Gladiator and Friend

Sherwood Gladiator is a very tall daylily, listed at 54" The garden art really sets it off.

Late Summer

Here are some late daylilies set off by the crepe myrtle blooms.

Explosion of Color

Here are some old favorites, like Orange Velvet, Big Kiss, and Savannah Debutante.


More old favorites: Parade of Peacocks, Beautiful Edgings, and Carrick Wildon


Mid July brings blooms from Pretty Late, Wayside Burnt Auburn, Priceless Pearl, and Techny Peace.

Rest Time

Here's Bubbles, resting under the crepe myrtles

Bird's Eye View

Here you can see the shape of my garden, and incidentally the reason the 'wood' part of the name is approproiate. The boxed seedling beds are visable in the lower section of the garden. The display beds constructed from rocks curve around half of the outer edges. Much of the grassy area is left open due to the fact that the run-off from around four acres of land drains through the garden. In the winter and spring, much of the ground is soggy, if not actually standing in water. Not a very good spot for a garden, but you take what you can get. Any other spot I might have chosen on our property would have been too far from a source of water. As it is, I have to run a hose from our house, which is just off the right side of the picture.

The garden in autumn

The crepe myrtles had especially good fall color in 2014.

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