Welcome to Teaguewood Daylily Garden. I have about 600 cultivars, and 300 seedlings. I will list prices for the plants I have available for digging. I grow plants hybridized by the Shooters, Richard Norris, Dan Bachman, Jack Carpenter, Don Eller, Jamie Gossard, Tom Polston, Jan Joiner, David Kirchhoff, Marguerite Oakes, Paul Owen, the Rices, the Trimmers. and many more.

My garden began as a cow pasture. A few years after we bought the property from a retired farmer, I planted a strip of 24 daylilies bought from the Shooters. Eventually I added a gazebo, a raised herb bed, and a few more daylilies. In 2008 I discovered the Shooters' web site with over 4000 cultivars, and I was hooked. Now I have a fenced (because of the deer) garden with many raised beds full of daylilies, various trees and other plants, a patio with an arbor, and lots of garden art.

All pictures were taken with one of my two cameras. The only editing I do is to make the flowers appear closer to their true colors. The way the flowers appear in the pictures is pretty much the way they look in my garden.

I welcome visitors. Just contact me, and I'll be glad to show you my garden.

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Teaguewood Daylilies
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Teaguewood Daylilies
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