$50.00 Double Fan


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L Teague

clump of Meredith Reunion


2018 Introduction

This plant is available to Meredith College graduates for $25 per double fan. All proceeds go to the Meredith Fund.

(Teague-L., 2017)
height 36 in.(91 cm), bloom 5.5 in.(13 cm), Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 20 buds, 2 branches,  Rose with white midribs and green throat early in the season, later lightens to off white with a deep pink ruffled edge, bud builder.. (unknown × unknowm)

I have been watching this plant very closely, because it is usually a bud builder. It has a bloom of 5.5 inches and is around 36 inches tall. Early in the morning the flower is mostly rose colored, while the flowers are off white with a rose edge late in the afternoon and later in the season.

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Teaguewood Daylilies
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Teaguewood Daylilies
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